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Now we are at the fifth flashpoint guide for the Republic side as you make your way to level 50. This flashpoint is called Cademimu and it may sound funny but it can be a little challenging if your group isn’t careful. Without further ado, let us get into the meat of this walkthrough so you can be on your way running amok through the streets of Cademimu.

This flashpoint is open to both the Republic and the Empire but there is a difference in story and in the overall objective. We won’t get into that part of the flashpoint to minimize the possibility of spoilers, although there might be some spoilers that do pop out through this walkthrough, so read on!

Cademimu group requirements:

Cademimu is a level 29 flashpoint but you can start trying to get through this content when you reach level 27. You may want to actually go through this flashpoint until you hit level 33. As usually, your group will need a tank, a healer and 2 DPS, but there are other mechanics involved, especially when it comes to the bosses in this FP.

Cademimu walkthrough:

You start off on the streets or walkways of Cademimu and you go through a number of elite mobs. These are usually bunched up in groups and in some areas reinforcements will jump in when you start hitting the group. Needless to say that this is a good way to practice your groups chemistry. Because you will need teamwork to get through this flashpoint.

Cademimu Bosses:

Officer Xander & EN-4C

Officer XanderEN-4C

This two boss combo can be really easy or can be quite difficult depending on how well your group sticks to the strategy. You will want everyone to focus on Officer Xander at the beginning. After a while EN-4C will be activated and will come lumbering towards you with He-Man’s vibroblade. This slow walking droid of death will target one of your party members and will kill them with a few good whacks and then move on. The strategy here is that whoever the droid targets has to run around and kite it. While the rest of the group brings down loads of pain on Officer Xander. If your healer is targeted see if you have another player who can do some minor heals. Very easy, droid target runs around, everyone else focuses on Xander. As soon as Xander is dead the droid will stop and the 1st boss will be done.

Captain Grimyk

Captain Grimyk

This boss is a Wookie with goggles and a flamethrower. He also summons 4 Ugnaughts every now and then. It may sound difficult but this boss should be a simple affair. Just make sure that you use aoe abilities when he summons the adds and you should be fine. DPS should be the ones to target these ugly Ugnaughts and keep them away from the healer. There may be times when the tank will have to leave the boss and run after the adds, but still this boss is more a of a tank and spank kind.

General Ortol

general ortol

The last boss has around 82,000 hp and is the hardest because of the mechanics and level of awareness everyone in the group needs to have. This guy by himself is easy. He does have a knockback attack which isn’t a big deal except for his next attack. He can attack you with rocket booster fire. Yes, that is right. You will be fighting him in a big square room that fills with fire when rockets are launched. This fire will toast your group if you are not careful.

Everyone will need to think of the room as a big square that is separated into 4 smaller boxes. Each box is the radius of the rocket fire. There will always be one box that will not have a fire. You cannot stand in between or in the middle, you have to be inside the box that does not have rocket fire.

The general will have a dialogue that lets you know that the rockets will be firing soon. Just pay attention and try to detect which boxed areas are starting to flare up. This initial flare up will not cause any damage but is a warning for you to run away from the area. You can also take time to look up and you’ll see the rocket booster going red. Go to the box that doesn’t have a glowing rocket booster above it.

Now, each group member can either take responsibility for themselves when it comes to watching out for this attack. But one way to do it is to assign one person, usually the tank, to keep an eye on the rocket fire. Once the rockets ignite, tank runs to the safe area and the rest of the group can just follow him/her. If you are worried about losing aggro have your taunt ready to get the boss back to you. Be aware that his knockback attack can send you into the rocket flames so be careful with your position. Just keep doing this and after awhile you should be able to take this last boss down. Your group may wipe a few times before you get the hang of it but after some practice this last boss should be quite easy to kill.

That is it for the walkthrough for Cademimu, we hope this helped you. Now go out there and start going through this flashpoint.

[images: Almar’s Guides]


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