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Jedi Sage is a playable class in the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) MMORPG. Player selecting Sage will be able to choose between ranged Force attacks or healing. Jedi Sage and Jedi Shadow are two advanced classes available for the Jedi Consular class. Advanced Classes are specialized careers that your characters can choose in SWTOR.

The name of the Sage advanced class was a point of contention between BioWare – game developer – and gaming community. At the end BioWare caved and, by popular demand, changed the name from Jedi Wizard to Jedi Sage.

Sages are known for their wisdom as much as for their powerful defensive and healing skills. During the Great Galactic War and the succeeding Cold War Sages fought on the Galactic Republic side. Their Imperial counterpart in the game is Sith Sorcerer.


Once a Jedi Consular reaches Level 10, he/she can choose to become either a Sage or a Shadow. Sage’s primary weapon for close combat is a single-bladed lightsaber, though emphasis is placed more on Force abilities and knowledge rather than on lightsaber combat. As all other classes in SWTOR, Jedi Sages have three talent trees – two exclusive to the advanced class and one shared with the Jedi Shadow.

The first exclusive skill tree – Telekinetics – includes talents that mainly focus on ranged Force attacks. The skills that fall under Telekinesis – Tidal Force and Telekinetic Momentum – improve the Sage’s Force spells while reducing their Force point cost. For example, Tidal Force gives Disturbance spell a 30% chance and Forcequake spell a 9% chance to end the cooldown on Telekinetic Wave, allowing the character to immediately cast another Telekinetic Wave spell. Telekinetic Momentum, on the other hand, allows the Sage to cast either Disturbance or Telekinetic Wave, after which there is a 30% chance of either spell being replicated, dealing the target 30% of the original spell’s damage.

Seer, the only other talent tree exclusive to the Jedi Sage class, lets the character use the Force for healing and defense. Like the Telekinetics skill tree, Seer offers two skills: Resplendence and Healing Trance. Resplendence reduces the cooldown on Revitalize spell to 2 minutes, and allows Sage to perform the next Noble Sacrifice spell without consuming Force points or health. The Healing Trance skill acts as a 3-second channeled heal – your target is first healed for a moderate amount, and then receives the same amount of health every second for three seconds.


Balance, the talent tree shared by both Sage and Shadow advanced classes, improves each class’s strongest sides. It includes skills that improve Force attacks for Jedi Sage, and talents for both Force and lightsaber abilities for Jedi Shadow. The two skills that fall under this talent tree are Containment and Presence of Mind. Containment allows the character to quickly cast Force Lift, reducing spell’s cast time by 100%. It also keeps the target stunned for 2 seconds if the Force Lift breaks too early from damage. Finally, Presence of Mind has a 30% chance to make your next Force attack instant cast and do 20% more damage when Telekinetic Throw hits your target.

Generally speaking, the Telekinetics talent tree allows Jedi Sage to play like a typical MMO caster class, while the Seer tree will make your character a very strong healer.

The full list of actual talents and spells is still protected by NDA, and very little is known about them. NDA will be lifted closer to the release date and I will update this post with actual skills, talents and spells.

In the meantime, check the below Sage gameplay video from PAX


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