Key Character Stats and What They Mean

Class stats

The Old Republic is almost ready to be officially launched, and many people are already enjoying the early access. I wanted to go over class stats in detail, so that people know which ones are important for each class.

Key Stats

Strength – as you’d expect, this is the key stat for melee characters, but do not deceive yourselves – it does not apply to Shadows and Assassins. This stat increases melee damage and melee critical strike chance of Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors. In addition, this stat affects the damage and critical strike chance of your Force powers. For example, the damage done by the Force Choke ability depends on your Strength, not Willpower.

Willpower – this stat increases Force damage and critical strike chance of Force abilities. For Shadows and Assassins this stat increases melee damage and melee critical strike chance. It also increases the amount of health healed by Sage and Sorcerer.

Aim – main stat for Troopers and Bounty Hunters. It increases their ranged attack damage and critical strike chance. It also increases the damage and critical strike chance of technical abilities of Vanguards and Powertechs. Commando and Mercenary also get their damage, critical strike chance and healing increased.

Cunning  – main stat for Smugglers and Agents. Increases the damage and critical strike chance of technical skills. Gunslinger and Sniper receive bonus damage to their ranged attacks, and critical strike chance of such attacks. In addition to damage and critical strike chance, cunning also affects healing abilities of Scoundrel and Operative.

General Stats

Endurance – Increases your health.

Presence – Increases health, damage and healing done by your companions.

Power Stats

The above stats increase your damage and healing, but do not directly affect your abilities. These are increased by Power Stats.

Power – General stat, which increases damage and healing of all your abilities, regardless of type.

Tech Power – Increases the damage of «Tech» abilities, such as grenades or flamethrowers.

Force Power – Increases the damage of «Force» abilities, such as telekinetic throw or shock.

Healing Power – Increases healing done by both Tech and Force abilities.

Secondary Stats

Accuracy Rating – Increases hit chance of all attacks. Note that if you raise this stat above 100%, additional points will be used to increase your armor penetration rating!

Critical Rating – Increases critical strike and heal chance.

Surge Rating – Increases the bonus effect of critical strikes and heals. By default this bonus is 50%.

Alacrity Rating – Reduces casting time of all abilities. This stat DOES NOT affect the global cooldown, it only reduces casting time.

Stats that affect equipment

SWTOR features some advanced equipment customization options – developers allow you to take any orange weapon/armor (orange = fully modifiable) and, if you want to, use that item throughout the entire game. Such flexibility is achieved by dynamic stats, which vary depending on the level of mods, placed in the object.

Rating – Increases weapon damage.

Armor – Increases Energy and Kinetic resistances.

PvP Stats

Expertise – Increases the damage and healing dealt / received and reduces incoming damage in PvP. Think “Resilience” in WOW.

Defensive Stats

Resistance – There are 4 types of resistances in SWTOR. Kinetic and Energy resistances increase from the armor. Internal and elemental resistances are only affected by the stats.

Defense Rating – Increases chance to parry melee or ranged attacks.

Shield Chance – Increases the chance to partially absorb damage for those characters who use shields.

Absorption Rating – Increases the amount of damage absorbed, if the attack is blocked by a shield.

Those of you who are interested in SWTOR Stats mechanism and formulas, there is a great post on that you should check out.


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